Providing an effective and immediate solution 

Delivering the Board and management with an immediate and highly skilled Finance Executive with senior management expertise to bring stability and guardianship during a period of chance, absence or turnaround.

Fast start appointments, with minimal recruitment formalities, means interim executives can be in place within a day or a week following an initial enquiry and typically remain for periods between 3 to 12 months.

Interim executives “hit the ground running” as they have generally conducted similar assignments, are “sensibly over-qualified” for the task and are focused on achieving immediate results.

Establishing a relationship which can lead to ongoing support to the finance team.


Immediate results, continuous improvement

The Interim executive will immediately conduct a high level “finance function effectiveness" review to determine reporting and compliance areas for improvement and any immediate risk mitigation requirements.

Ownership and accountability: interim executives will not only make recommendations but can also take responsibility for implementation and change. 

Recruitment process for a permanent CFO/Finance Executive if required, and a workplan to ensure a seamless transition of responsibilities and workflows

Seamless transition upon completion

An immediate solution for the Board to mitigate potential risks at times of structural change.

A transfer of value skills and expertise to other areas of the business..

An integrated search process leading to the selection of the right candidate and a managed changeover program .

An ongoing relationship with a trusted individual, available to supplement the finance team on workload during budget preparation, end of year statutoryreporting, and strategic projects.