Translating strategic “what if” situations 
into financial projections

To create financial models for Boards and management who need clarity on complex financial management issues, acquisition scenarios and operational improvement initiatives.

The goal is to design a model that is easy to understand, is adaptable to the information needs of the Board and other users and can be easily transitioned to the finance team upon completion.

Typical needs for financial modelling include:

  • acquisition scenario testing and fund-raising
  • strategy evaluation
  • budgeting
  • capital projects appraisal
  • "Fair value" assessments for audit support


A process which captures the Board’s 
needs and uses “Best Practice” 
construction methodologies

Understanding the specific issues which the Board and management are seeking to resolve through the modelling process.

Thorough understanding of the business value drivers, as these become the “flex" points in the modelling.

Construction of robust financial models using “Best Practice” modelling guidelines.

Results interpretation and adaptation to provide meaningful input ino the Board’s decision process.

Delivering clarity of results 
and underlying assumptions

A financial model that takes complex scenarios and presents the outcomes in a way that clarifies and simplifies the results and analysis, without loss of intricacy or accuracy.

With robust “Best Practice” construction, models become an integral part of third party diligence requirements.

Training and transition of modelling processes to the finance team.