Strategic Planning

Formulation of the strategic plan and five year forecast for a SME.

The planning process was conducted through several workshops, and through developing an interactive “3 way” financial model.

The Board was provided with a written strategic plan outlining the key strategies, five year financial targets for each area of the business, and the CEO’s  implementation plan.

Government funding was secured on behalf of the client to partially fund this engagement.

ASX Statutory Reporting

Managing the audit process and writing the Annual Report for an ASX listed company.

A detailed workplan for this project was completed, taking into account the needs of the management team, auditors, audit committee and the Board.

In addition to assuming responsibility for writing all sections of the appendix 4E and the Annual Report, the project included preparing goodwill and intangibles valuations for audit purposes, and producing the results summary presentation for ASX release.

Financial Modelling

Acquisition support to an investor group through complex financial modelling and scenario testing,  

The modelling allowed the investor group to “workshop” several options for realisation of synergies, leading to realistic deal pricing, and detailed financial support for the debt financing submission.

Following the deal, the financial models were transferred to the client, and became an intrinsic part of the annual budgeting process.

Finance Function Effectiveness Review

Assessment of the current finance function and development of the plan to build a “value adding” finance team in an emerging company.

The review indicated to the Board that there were significant financial and operational risks through operating with an under-resourced, and geographically-diverse finance team.

The improvement plan included the recruitment of a CFO and the centralisation of the finance team.

Interim CFO position

Interim CFO placement during a business transition, leading to selection of a permanent replacement.

Due to a company restructure, the Board required an immediate solution to the vacant CFO position.

The interim CFO was able to assume immediate stewardship over the finance team and provide the Board with improved internal controls, and accurate financial reporting.

This engagement was finalised once a permanent CFO had been recruited and a seamless transition to this person had been made.

Interim CFO – Acquisition search and review

Conducting business reviews on a range of potential acquisition targets for a growing financial services organisation.

The process began through facilitating strategic workshops with the Board to identify acquisition targets, and then progressed to conducting business reviews, which focused on evaluating “strategic fit”, synergies and constructing 5 year projections.

Formal due diligence reports were prepared and presented to the Board