Taking Responsibility for the 
Reporting Process

For small to medium ASX companies, half year and full year statutory reporting becomes an overwhelming burden for the finance team, audit committees and Boards.

Employing a skilled resource to manage the reporting process greatly reduces this burden, allowing finance teams and Board members to “get on with business” during the period before statutory release dates.

In addition to overall management, outsourced activities extend to:

  • providing audit support for areas such as goodwill impairment testing, and acquistion accounting
  • complete annual report drafting, including remuneration report, corporate governance statements and directors' report.

An integrated process that recognises the various review needs and 
deadlines of all participants

The process includes:

Development of a workplan to cover the entire process, from reporting date through to release dates, identifying the various “sign off” points of auditors, audit committee members and the Board.

Day-to-day responsibility for monitoring the work steps, managing audit completion “roadblocks”, and audit committee “sign off “ queries.

Compilation of the Annual Report is carried out progressively, using Word, Excel or other proprietary software.

On-time Statutory Reporting

On-time delivery of the Appendix 4D and 4E and the full year statutory reporting requirements.

Collegiate involvement of the Board and management ensures a high quality report, which is both informative to shareholders, and in full compliance with reporting requirements.

Complete knowledge capture to ensure transfer to subsequent reporting processes.